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we are tracking mother nature's fury as it turns through the caribbean. hurricane irene is pending the bahamas for the second day now. it is setting its sights for the u.s. east coast.
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>> we have a few thunderstorms out there right now they're beginning to pop up. this is part of the stronger cold front that will pull through later this afternoon. we see the unsettled weather across montgomery county, looking for the potential of an isolated severe thunderstorm later in the day. there is the potential for flash flooding. some very heavy rain will fall quickly, possibly 1 inch to 2 inches in a short time. including in fairfax prince george's county, montgomery county in the early evening hours. the developing storm that will continue to intensify the latest for you as of 11:00 a.m. 115 miles per hour wind gusts at 138 miles per hour. the trend is taking it toward
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the peninsula. and look at the full forecast and much more details coming up in just a few minutes. in the meantime, we are following breaking news. gov. bob mcdonnell has declared a state of emergency in virginia. this is ahead of hurricane irene's arrival. people are urged to prepare for the worst. >> we have seen the storm shift to the west. some major cities up and down the east coast could potentially be at risk. in south carolina, people are keeping a very nervous ipad -- a nervous eye. people are preparing for the hurricane as it barrels toward the coast. already being dubbed mean irene
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this massive storm is packing a powerful punch. heavy wind and rain is pounding the bahamas. >> we know there will be strong surges regardless of how close it comes to our coast. >> and north carolina's outer banks, a hurricane watch is now in effect. evacuations are in place. >> if it is a hard storm that it's directly, it will not take much of an elevation of sea level to create a lot of havoc. >> county officials are telling residents to leave by friday. >> we have the extra food. >> virginia gov. bob mcdonnell has are declared a state of emergency. counties across art -- are putting plans in place as the keep a course -- keep a watchful eye. in annapolis boaters are
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preparing for the worst. with potentially heavy wind and rain, power outages could be a problem for our region. they are honoring the storm and have asked for assistance from other cruise. amtrak has also canceled trains south of our region. everyone is preparing for whatever mother nature will bring. the wind stretches out over 400 miles. that is the same width as the state of arizona. millions of people are getting ready. navy ships and southern virginia are moving out. today's after the biggest east coast earthquake in decades, the ground is still rumbling. the biggest aftershock shook people wake this morning. it was a 4.5 magnitude.
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so far the number of aftershocks have been surprisingly low. that is good news for people in our region. >> the washington monument stands tall and looks inviting. but today, the open invitation is not there. damage to the monument after tuesday's earthquake, including a four-foot crack has closed the tourist attraction in definitely. >> this family is washington d.c. from japan could >>. >> it makes sense. >> these folks are forced to visit the gift shop instead of the monument. across town, the roof of the century-old national cathedral also took a massive it appeared
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>> each one of those pinnacles that you see each little carving, each little curly q has been done by hand by the local people. >> they say they do plan to rebuild. they just do not know when there will be able to reopen to the public. all of these repairs will take a lot of time and cost millions of dollars. even with everything that they're dealing with, these repairs are not covered by insurance. the picture is better than nothing and they hope that the cathedral will be able to reopen soon. >> we will take a picture. that is why we're here. it is ok. we will come back one day. you never know. >> some prince george's county residents displaced by the earthquake are back in their homes this option. 500 people work force of the homes on kurdish drive on tuesday. they found a significant crack
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in one of the buildings. we learned that at least one building in the complex has been reopened. there is no word how many residents are still out of their homes. sunday march 48 years of when martin luther king delivered his "i have a dream" speech in washington. the stretch of main avenue has been renamed as a longer part of martin luther king avenue. >> we are at the intersection of 14th street and main ave. this is where they unveiled the new ceremonial side. they will get them up all wrong -- all on the path. you can see that they are emblazoned with the face of the civil rights leader. these will be on the path to the moral. -- to the memorial.
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the unveiling of the ceremonial side this morning showcasing this symbolic link between eastern and western portions of the district and the new extension of martin luther king avenue. it is an important path, mayor gray said earlier. these signs will serve as a reminder of how far we have come. several folks in the district said that this is fitting given dr. king's contributions as an american. >> why not? he was, you know, a great american, a great world person. >> he was a great american. i never thought it would happen. i really never thought it would happen. >> the official dedication of the memorial is set for sunday.
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but there have been questions about a contingency plan because of hurricane irene. officials with the d.c. and the part centers are planning a conference this afternoon. >> get somewhere the dry. we can see that the rain is dampening your live shot. >> we want our audience to join us for the dedication tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. an airline pilot and a passenger are recovering from injuries after a scare at an airport justway. it collapsed -- airport jetway. it collapsed yesterday. they fell 10 feet to the ground. it is not clear what exactly caused the collapse. we are monitoring a
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developing story in pakistan. there are conflicting reports of the missing man from maryland. this morning and a pakistani police chief said that weinsteins had been freed. hours later that official retracted that statement. american authorities have yet to recover the man. he has worked from an arlington- based company in pakistan for several years now. as the bell for tripoli continues in libya -- as the battle for tripoli continues in libya, it involves thousands of people. a spokesman says that gaddafi is safe healthy and leading the fight against rebel forces. he threatened to destroy those who oppose them. >> he is a criminal and a tyrant. the best thing he could do for his people is to step down. >> the rebel leaders believe he is hiding in his compound with
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at least one of his sons. investigators said that the prime suspect in the disappearance of robyn ran into a bag which. -- into a glitch. he took out a $1.5 million insurance policy on gardener just before they left for aruba. coming up at noon -- >> we just try to build products that we think are wonderful and that people might want. >> it is the end of an era for a company that changed the way we live. steve's favorite ride, a warning for drivers. and the book that will make washington heads explode. we have a look at storm
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watch. we will be back with
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details are leaking out of the new dick cheney biography. he reportedly criticizes former secretary of state condoleezza rice. he also kept a secret resignation letter in his say just in case he had a catastrophic medical issue. millions of us check the
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mill, take photographs and answer the phone. steve jobs resigned yesterday. this is after a private battle with cancer. >> with his signature style of tennis shoes and jeans steve jobs is known as the face of apple. but now the 56-year-old says he cannot continue as ceo. in a letter to the board of directors, he writes -- even though the announcement came with little notice and limited veto many expected him to step down at some point due to health concerns. >> we have all been expecting some news like this but it is still a surprise.
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it is surprising mainly because it is hard to imagine apple without steve jobs. >> he has been credited with revolutionizing the way we listen to music, use a computer, and use their phones. iphone ipad, and ipod have changed the technology world. >> we just try to build products that we think people might want. sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. >> many believe that the partners -- many believe that the departure of jobs could change apple. news of his resignation put shares on a downward spiral. while the loss of jobs may be bad news for apple's stock closed, it is good news for competitors like samsung. apple's board elected to name jobs as a chairman and named tim
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cook as the ceo. >> steve jobs is a young guy. it is amazing the impact he has had. how did we get by without ipods and ipads? we could have some severe thunderstorms later this afternoon that are not related to hurricane irene. irene could lead closer than we expected. if you look outside, there is an approaching cold front. it has thunderstorms across the area. we can expect some very heavy downpours. the heat index makes it feel like 83 degrees.
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here is the cold front quickly approaching from the north and the west. the showers have already started across our area. as the frontal system arrives later on this afternoon that is when we expect the storm to start popping up. the areas in the yellow or where the heavier rains are falling right now appeared but the digit right now. but the big story is the -- right now. but the big story is irene. wind is up to 138150 m.p.h. this model right here takes it across charles county and annapolis. the potential is slim. but the better chance is this right here late saturday into
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sunday. the projected path will show shares and storms -- the hurricane moving up the coast over the next 48 hours potentially making landfall on the outer banks of north california and then it will head toward new york city. a lot can change between now and then. temperatures tomorrow will hold around 85 degrees. here are the tempters for tonight, falling into the 60's. we can call for a shower to tomorrow. here is the extended outlook. there it is. >> all right. we will see you in a little bit. it is a freshman moving day at a local college. hundreds of new catholic university students arrived at the d.c. campus this morning.
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john darby and his wife were there. they helped students about their belongings and move into their new homes away from home. they are beginning to transition back into a single-6 dormitory policy. -- single-sex dormitory policy. this luxury suv tops the list of vehicles most likely to be stolen. it is six times more likely to be hit by fees than the average vehicle. pickup trucks are also a favorite for criminals. coming up, we run the world. a surprising drop down on forbes' list of most powerful women. later today the suburban
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lawn that was a fugitive for 32 years. that is today
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a sheriff's deputy is lucky to be alive after this. this is a dramatic crash -- right there -- caught on tape. this was in oklahoma. the dash cam was role in the whole time. the truck in front swerves and the suv hits the cruiser had on parent luckily the deputy and his k9 colleague were not hurt.
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the driver that hit him was arrested for dui among other charges. a new census report has mixed news for southern marriages. the southern part of the country had the highest rate of divorce. couples in the northeast had more staying power. but researchers say that more people get married in the south and people in the northeast tend to marry later in life. just 52% of adults are married. that is down 5% from the year 2000. forbes magazine just released its list of the most powerful women on the planet. angela merkel tops the list. hillary clinton is next. and then
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you do some surgery on your weather clicker. >> yes been saturday and into sunday, irene could make fall in the delmarva peninsula. >> bring out that number lebaron thank you for joining u man: we need
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a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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